House and Apartment Cleaning Services in Amarillo, Texas

We deliver happiness through house cleaning and other lifestyle services. We offer simple flat fee pricing and housekeeping services in Amarillo, Texas. Our transparent prices eliminate any surprise typically associated with other cleaning companies. Whether you live in a ten bedroom home or a small apartment, we always send a team to make ensure we exceed your expectations. There will never be any shocks associated with your booking. Here are our prices

Apartments and Smaller Homes

All Cities

One Bedroom
Apt. or studio

Two Bedroom Apt.

Three Bedroom
Apt or Townhome

Larger Homes

All Cities

Four Bedroom

Five Bedroom

Six Bedroom

  • *Same-day booking fee $18
  • *Hourly jobs are a 2 hour minimum
  • *For move in/out cleanings add +$100.
  • *Bi-weekly service = 15% discount
  • (Cannot be combined with any other offers or credits)
  • *Monthly Service= 10% discount
  • (Cannot be combined with any other offers or credits)
  • For extra large homes, we would be happy to give a quote

Cleaning Services never looked better!

  • Included Insurance against accidents.
  • Included All supplies and green cleaning products (+$10).
  • Included Insurance against accidents.
  • Top-notch Customer service.
  • 24/7 support access via phone, email, or chat.
  • 200% Satisfaction Guarantee..




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living rooms and bedroom

Add-On Services

We're cleaning super-heroes after all, there's not much we can't do. Here's a look at our Add-on Services:

Other Services Not Offered

Some things we do not offer as part of our regular cleaning:
  • Wet wiping light bulbs- risk of breaking them is too high.
  • Putting away dishes, because we don't want to stack and store things in a manner that you would not (and to reduce the risk of breakage).
There are a ton of fun ways we make it easy for you to maintain your apartment, home, or commercial space. Let's start today!!!