House keeping services now available!

House keeping services now available!

by Maid In Amarillo - May 17, 2016

House-keeping-Amarillo-TexasMaid In Amarillo is now offering housekeeping services in Amarillo, Texas! This probably brings a question to your mind – what is the difference between a maid service and house-keeper? I’m glad you asked!


A housekeeper is someone who does a bit more than a traditional maid service. House keeper’s can go to the grocery store for you, run errands, and of course also clean and tidy up your home (laundry, dishes,dusting, cleaning) . In today’s fast paced world we know that some need an extra helping hand and that’s where Maid In Amarillo steps in.


Maid In Amarillo is local to the Amarillo community. One of our main goals is to make things SIMPLE. Traditionally, maid services and house keeper’s have required you to call in and tell them about your house (how many square feet, what you want done, etc). Maid In Amarillo does away with all of that and doesn’t use it. The pricing is FIXED based on # of bedrooms and #bathrooms. This allows prospective clients to know exactly what it will cost to get their home cleaned.


Communicating with Maid In Amarillo is a snap. Email, text, phone calls are all welcome. If you’d like to customize a certain aspect of your cleaning feel free to let us know! We have clients who prefer certain cleaning products for certain parts of the home and we accommodate these requests.