Eco-friendly home cleaning in Amarillo, Texas

Eco-friendly home cleaning in Amarillo, Texas

by Maid In Amarillo - February 1, 2016


Make no mistake, there are harmful environmentally unfriendly ingredients contained in a lot of home cleaning products. At the same time, it can be said that these are in fact the most effective cleaning products you could buy!


The harm from these ingredients doesn’t come from using the products once or twice, but rather slowly increases over the day, weeks, and months that you use them. In other words, you aren’t going to get harmed from cleaning your house once or twice with these products.


This is why Maid In Amarillo offers eco-friendly maid cleaning – to not only protect the health of our customers but also that of the environment we live in. The way it works is simple – if you’d like us to clean your home using 100% green, environmentally safe products, simply click on the “green clean” icon which will do two things (1) alert us to clean your home using our environmentally friendly cleaning products, and (2) add a $10 extra charge to your billing.


Our green cleaning products consist Seventh Generation, Better Life, Ecover, and Method. Please let us know if you prefer one over the other and also if you prefer a product that is not on the above list! By using these products we are not only protecting your health and that of your loved one’s but also that of the environment. We know that green cleaning isn’t on everyone’s top 10 list, but for a few it is, and we’d love to help you out 🙂